Vertov's monochrome series photographs. These are part of a gallery show titled Nostalgia for the Analogue Era

Brian Voight

Brian Voight (1967-2012) was an American composer, guitarist, photographer, artist, and, more than anything, a great human being. These photographs are from his Americana series.

Anna Bruce

Anna Bruce (b. 1983) is a visual artist and travel writer. Originally from Cincinnati, she's spent most of the past 10 years, as she states in her essay public space: private world, " as an intentional vagabond." These photographs are from her Life Canvas series. 

Frederick Self

Frederick Self (1952-2015) worked by day as an advertising executive for a firm based in Berlin, while creating a vast archive of artistic prints over decades of photographic work. This work was uncovered only after his death and, with the permission of the executor of his estate, released for public viewing. Critics have lauded his work as "revelatory" and he's been posthumously awarded a "Lost Masters" award from the Benziger-Von Guten Institute in Bonn, Switzerland. Dr. R.F. Gobeli, a researcher with the Institute, has curated several shows of the work, and a retrospective book (Die Bildmaschine/ The Image Machine) is due out in 2018.

Ilyse Kusnetz

Poet, essayist, journalist, and professor Ilyse Kusnetz (1966-2016) collaborated with Roel Vertov and sang on Love Songs to the Bombers Flying Overhead, as well as on Late Night Karate Movies. These photographs are from her Water & Light series. To learn more about Ilyse Kusnetz and her work, please visit and read her beautiful collection Small Hours (Truman State University Press). We look forward to reading her second collection of poems--Angel Bones.  (


Sean Sexton

Sean Sexton was born in Indian River County and grew up on his family's Treasure Hammock Ranch. He divides his time between taking care of a 600 acre cow-calf operation, painting, and writing. He is married to artist, Sharon Sexton, and they live on the ranch in a house they built with their hands. Sexton has kept daily journal-sketch and writing books since 1973. He received an Individual Artist’s Fellowship from the State of Florida in 2000. He is author of Blood Writing, Poems, Anhinga Press, 2009, The Empty Tomb, University of Alabama Slash Pine Press, 2014, and Waldo's Mountain, Waterview Press, 2001. He has performed and presented at National Cowboy Poetry Gatherings in Elko, Nevada, Miami Book Fair International, and Other Words Literary Conference in St. Augustine, FL. On Sept 1, 2016, He became the inaugural Poet Laureate of Indian River County. 

He exhibits his artwork nationally, is represented in collections throughout the US and is was most recently featured in a one-man show of paintings, drawings and ceramics at Seminole State College in Sanford, FL, entitled "Art of Living."

A Note from the Artist, Sean Sexton:

I have taken liberty with and derived inspiration from delving into art history in much of my art. My etchings, drawings and paintings are influenced by the graphic works and paintings of Rembrandt and Goya, Albrecht Durer and Breugel and of course the spiritual "hardpan" of any artist born in our times looking retrospectively, the great Dutch painter, existentialist, and letter writer, Vincent van Gogh. 

I've been a museum-goer all my life, finding almost anything of great appeal and consideration. The Extraterrestrials painting is a direct quote of the composition (although not the subject matter) of a Jacob deHeem still-life painting I saw in an Art book. The Ringling Museum in Sarasota has a fabulous deHeem still-life painting with two parrots, sea creatures and shells. The "Tower of "Babble" painting  is based on a Breugel painting of one of his several renditions of the "Tower of Babel" (the most singular "red" one as I call it), wherein I turned a landscape subject into a still life in the studio, building up a "tower" of boxes adorned with elements to evoke the Fibonacci sequence I thought could be taken as a singularly "physical language" or code in nature that reflecting the original, simple, pre-tower language mentioned in that allegory of the Bible.  

The Silk Worm Cocoon-shaped vessel is based on a Han Dynasty ceramic at the Portland Art Museum in Oregon--in the Schnitzer Collection--where I've spent many hours drawing and absorbing their beautiful Chinese antiquities.  

Tanvi Maraj

Tanvi Maraj (b. 1990) is a freelance photographer and writer. Her subjects are wide-ranging and always connected to a sense of place, while, paradoxically, she is the moving element within that space, traveling the world capturing fixed moments in time. She is currently working on a hybrid collection of work (which she describes as photographic poetry). 

Katherine Case

Katherine Case is a poet, printmaker and former Peace Corps Volunteer. She has taught book arts and letterpress printing for over a decade at the Academy of Art University, Nevada Museum of Art, the SF Center for the Book and Sierra Nevada College. She owns and operates Meridian Press, up the big hill from the Truckee River in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains, where she hand-sets metal type and prints on an antique SP-15 Vandercook proof press. She calls up inspiration from the traditional textile patterns of Africa, Asia and the Pacific; from poetry and music; from her two small children and from the diverse and abundant landscapes of the Sierra Nevada region. (

Mauro Di Trapani

Mauro Di Trapani prefers not to offer a biographical note, because, he says, "it might influence the reading" of these visual elements by foregrounding them in the photographer's life story. He does not discount the need for this grounding, rather, instead, he insists on not simplifying the reading of these images. He believes in the joy of discovery and in the viewer's act of discovery. 

Rini Keuls

Rini Keuls (b. 1990) lives in Delft. The daughter of an art teacher and a veteran of the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina, who served with Dutch forces as a NATO peacekeeper. She considers herself a documentarian of Delft, recording the intersections between the historical and the contemporary, discovering stories within the stories. She is in her final year of post-graduate studies at the Delft Institute of Technology. Photography is a leisure activity that she enjoys doing in her spare time.