Roel Vertov is a composer, musician, writer, translator, and traveler based in Maastricht, The Netherlands, where he also works as a cartographer. He plays a variety of instruments, most notably the flugelhorn. His stories and poems have appeared in Dutch magazines primarily, with a few in French, German and Italian journals. In English, he has published in Kestrel and Plume. He lives with his wife and daughter in a restored bridge house, along with their pet rabbit—a Flemish Giant named Jet.

Over the years, Vertov's mysterious nature and penchant for the obscure and unexpected has helped to garner an underground following of fans from around the world. We've created a stream of "Vertov Sightings" here so that you can see what he's been up to lately. If you happen to come into contact with Roel Vertov, or see a performance, please consider sending us your own Vertov sighting. (Please see our CONTACT page on this site.)