NEWS:  The RLB's latest album--Late Night Karate Movies--is near completion and will soon be available on limited-edition vinyl (and via the usual sources). Here's a sample of what you'll soon be enjoying...
"Sleeping in the Trenches" (from Love Songs to the Bombers Flying Overhead) recently featured in a video/blogspot coordinated by poet and co-composer on the piece Brian Turner (who also sang and played flugelhorn on it). Click here for more on the WWI Centennial Commission Blog, hosted and curated by Jennifer Orth-Veillon. 

The video preview for "Sleeping In The Trenches" is courtesy of ZoneOutTV, a streaming media television channel. ZoneOutTV has over 80 1-hour episodes of videos that help you slow down, relax and enjoy life. The channel has over 180,000 subscribers on ROKU and will soon launch on AppleTV as well.

The Retro Legion


  • Roel Vertov: Composition, Flugelhorn, Euphonium, Ambient Recordings, Vocals, African Can Drum, Glass Jug, Concertina, String Arrangements, and Typewriter
  • Ben Kramer: Upright Bass, Djembe, Taiko Drums, Acoustic Guitar, String Arrangements
  • Brian Turner: Electric Bass, Vocals, Lyrics, Flugelhorn, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
  • Christian Kiefer: Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Pedal Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboards, Accordion, Balalaika
  • Laura Hope-Gill: Piano
  • Brian Voight: Acoustic Guitar (Voight's Meditation)
  • Bill Tuell: Acoustic Guitar (Moonlake Rising)
  • Damir Šodan: Acoustic Guitar (Cold War Blues)
  • Bobby Koelble: Electric and Acoustic Guitars (Slow 70s Groove & Day by Day by Day (Traveler))
  • Jason Roberts: Electric Guitar (Slow 70s Groove)
  • Mohamed Ali: Oud, Vocals
  • Josh Parsons: Tuba
  • Corey Paul: Trombone
  • Skip Buhler: Vocals, Percussion
  • Greg Parnell: Drums, Percussion
  • Peter Catapano: Drums, Percussion, and Drone (on Voight’s Meditation)
  • Steve Woodward: Hand Drums (The Laws of Motion)
  • Danny Jordan: Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Bass Flute
  • TR Hummer: Tenor Saxophone
  • Justice Milsom: Cello
  • Kim Burton: Accordion (on The Good Old Days, Lament)
  • Serena Kramer: Piano & String/Vocal Arrangements (Night in a Ruined City)
  • Roel Daamen: Unplugged Guitar (Slow 70s Groove)
  • Tedros Habtemariam: Kraar
  • Meike Herzig: Serpent, Wooden Bass Flute (on Voight’s Meditation)
  • Laura McCullough: Tank Drum (on Voight’s Meditation)
  • Ilyse Kusnetz: Vocals (Love Songs to the Bombers Flying Overhead, Night in a Russian City, Day by Day by Day (Traveler), Slow 70s Groove, Voight's Meditation, Starlings Over the Rooftops of Europe, and Some Have Wings)
  • Sarah Cossaboon: Vocals (Sunlight in the Tall Grass, Moonlake Rising, Slow 70s Groove)
  • Chantal Thompson: (Marching Away: The Soldiers In Their New Uniforms, The Gravedigger's Song, The March of the Dead Infantrymen Home, Love Love Love (Save the World), Moonlake Rising, Slow 70s Groove, Day by Day by Day (Traveler), Voight’s Meditation)
  • Laure-Anne Bosselaar: Voice-Over (Lament)
  • Aja Monet: Vocals  (Love Love Love (Save the World), Slow 70s Groove)
  • Benjamin Busch: Vocals (Marching Away: The Soldiers In Their New Uniforms, The Good Old Days)
  • Stacey Lynn Brown: Vocals  (Starlings Over the Rooftops of Europe, Some Have Wings)
  • Marley Matejka: Vocals  (Starlings Over the Rooftops of Europe, Some Have Wings)
  • Major Jackson: Vocals (Sleeping in the Trenches, Night in a Ruined City)
  • Didi Jackson: Vocals  (Night in a Ruined City)

Project Design and Conceptual Framework by Roel Vertov
Produced by Brian Turner 
Music Mastered by Bob Katz (Digital Domain/

Engineer & Assistant Producer: Benjamin Kramer
All songs engineered and recorded at 2pi Creative Studios, except:

  • Christian Kiefer’s parts recorded at My Secret Dream Studios (Newcastle, CA); Emerson Kiefer: Balalaika tech & assistant engineer on The March of the Dead Infantrymen Home and Day by Day by Day (Traveler).
  • Damir Šodan recorded at a secret location in The Hague, Netherlands (by Brian Turner).
  • Bill Tuell recorded at Wolfsound Audio Engineering (Fresno, CA), engineered by Peter Wolf.
  • Kim Burton recorded at her flat in London, England.
  • Meike Herzig recorded in Cologne, Germany.
  • Sarah Cossaboon recorded at her flat in Cologne, Germany (Sunlight in the Tall Grass) and in Berlin, Germany (Moonlake Rising, Day by Day…, Slow 70s Groove), recorded by Roel Vertov using Moonlake Records’ proArte mobile studio. 
  • Peter Catapano recorded at his flat in New York City.

Manager, Artwork & Design: Victor Kasdan
Consultant for Art & Design: Benjamin Busch
Roadie/Tour Management Specialist & Instrument Tech: Buddy ('Kaz') Kasdan